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What Makes Us Different

  • Our “Outdoor Classroom”: A beautiful Eco-Friendly natural playground with nature trail

  • Personalized and frequent communications with our families

  • Flexible schedules and a school calendar made with working parents in mind

  • Wonderfully diverse population – our families speak over 20 languages at CHMS!

  • Montessori mixed-age groups in classrooms allow students to learn from and teach each other, while gaining confidence about how they exist within their peer groups

  • The best in age-appropriate Montessori materials; we are always updating to keep our classrooms challenging and inviting

  • Active parent community and incentives for parent participation – we make it easy to communicate with teachers AND administration

  • Enrichment program for those of Kindergarten age to keep minds challenged all day and more than ready for their next step in area schools

  • A comprehensive nutrition policy and healthy daily snacks – including some from our own garden!

  • Highly educated staff, most of whom are long-time CH employees

  • Educational Summer Camp for ages 15 months – 8 years old

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All work has an obvious “direct” aim, but most materials in a Montessori classroom have an “indirect” aim as well. We believe that a child’s foundation as an independent learner gives them the skills to concentrate, remain organized and succeed in school and in life! Order is encouraged externally through the meticulously prepared environment, classroom rules, and daily routines. Even the youngest children quickly begin to internalize this order through their experiences within the classroom. Coordination builds from whole body to more refined movements. A Montessori classroom provides endless opportunities, both directly and indirectly, to refine gross and fine motor skills. Concentration is an essential skill to support effective learning. Materials that encourage hands-on work and are appealing to the child, help develop concentration skills. The child is encouraged to choose "work," for learning is the work of the child. The child is encouraged to repeat lessons often and through this repetition, the child gains a deeper understanding. Independence is what makes the Montessori environment truly unique. The independent child thinks, "I can do it. I want to do it. I have what I need to do it." The freedom to choose, try, fail, and ask for help when needed, leads to perseverance and continued success. The Montessori child is given opportunities to succeed, at his or her ability, in all domains of learning. The environment, peers, and teachers all help a child gain their independence.

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