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Spanish is held on Wednesdays with Ms. Lia Andrews from Language U. Although this is her first year with us, she has taught Spanish and French since 2008 and she created Language U to be a special “Language through FUN” program that gets our students excited and motivated to learn Spanish through her original music, games, dances and characters. You can find out more about Ms. Lia and her program at www.languageuniv.com

Week of 4/4: This week in our “Spanish through FUN’ classes, we really got into the primavera, spring, spirit! We reviewed our estanque (pond) vocabulary by acting like all the different animals at the pond! After, we talked about caterpillars and butterflies! This week, we found tiny mariposas (butterflies) around the room and we put them in our nets and then matched their wings up with our classroom lists of butterflies. It was a great way to use spring and colors vocabulary. But I am sure the kids’ favorite part was finding all those butterflies! You can review our spring units by watching our pond [1:17] and butterfly [1:38} music videos and our pond animals [1:27] and butterfly [1:12] review videos! ! Don’t forget to subscribe to our “Spanish through FUN” YouTube channel for quick access to our content and look for our NEW spring programming at www.languageuniv.com