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Health Updates- Covid Protocol

Health Updates- Covid Protocol

Updated January 24, 2022

The CDC’s 1/6/2022 Guidance reduced isolation to as short as 5 days (Day 0 for CHMS is the day the PCR test was taken). This guidance is meant for settings where people can wear well-fitting, high quality masks while around others. Given the reality of a childcare setting, CHMS is requiring  quarantine for a student who tests positive for Covid to be a minimum of 10 days.
It is very challenging, if not impossible, for a student aged 6 and under to always wear a mask and appropriately social distance as they eat and sleep in our classrooms, so a shortened quarantine is not available. 
If your child gets a “close contact” notice from our school, or you know that they were a close contact outside of school, we do require a 5-day quarantine and a PCR test to return if your child has no symptoms.
If your child does not have a known exposure but actively has a runny nose, cough, etc. then a rapid test will be required. 
It is very important for parents to understand that shortened quarantines and sending your children to school with “just a runny nose” or “just a small cough” are going to mean more exposures and more positive cases, period. We need a rapid test done if your child has those symptoms. We understand the inconvenience, and we need you to understand the risk to our community. Please take these rules seriously. 
We know this is a very hard time for parents of young children, but we implore you to please extend grace and courtesy to the CHMS teachers and staff. We are all wearing many hats and trying to work as a team doing our very best to keep your children safe and healthy.
We cannot control any of this and are striving every day to follow the rules  and provide your children a safe, happy and healthy place where we can live our mission to Respect, Educate, Nurture and Inspire our Montessori learners. 

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