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What Do I Need to Know?

  1. We had a very successful and happy Summer Camp with small groups and feel very ready for what the school year will bring.
    • Parents shared some positive feedback:
    • “The teachers and staff at CHMS have done an extraordinary job of working to make camp safe. Our kids were so happy to be back with their teachers and friends, and we are so grateful for the hard work that has made everything run smoothly!” – Rachel, a toddler & pre-primary Mom
    • “The staff at Children’s House went above and beyond to care for my 3 year old during camp this summer. Using masks and health screenings, teaching my child effective hand washing, and all the while keeping daily activities interesting, fun and Montessori, we had a great summer camp experience. I’m so grateful we had the opportunity.” – Dani, a pre-primary Mom
  2. Safety is our number one priority. We’ve used the time leading up to summer camp and the school year to develop and implement virtual and hands-on training for all teachers and staff. All employees of Children’s House are extensively trained for camp and the school year.
  3. The first day of school will be Tuesday, September 8, 2020.
  4. Once we know who is actually coming to school, we will establish 12-15 student cohorts that will not change. The adults in these cohorts will remain consistent as well. These will be the “bubbles” we maintain. This is not a max of 15 per day, it is 15 total as a group.
  5. We do not currently have enough interest to have a Before-Care group, and due to parent feedback are planning to be open only until 5pm, but are open to feedback.
  6. When you sign up for the academic year, you are committing to the school year, through June 10, 2021.
  7. Until we are able to increase class sizes, all students registered for the current school year will have the chance to reclaim their spot, if it is available.
  8. Teachers are wearing KN95 or triple-layer fabric masks. Those are our only accepted masks for teachers.
  9. In-depth scenarios and protocols for illness and absences (both COVID19-related and “regular” illness) these are reliant on guidance from Delaware Public Health if confirmed cases arise, but we as an organization have plans in place for classroom coverage, remote learning (if dictated closure by the state), and safe ways to stay open and maintain cohorts.
  10. If a state-mandated closure does shut down in-person learning for one or more of our classrooms, we will have (2) daily zoom meetings for those students. At least one meeting would be recorded and available to parents. If your child’s classroom goes virtual, the tuition rate for the virtual classroom automatically reduces by 65%.
  11. Rigorous cleaning protocols are in place and are part of teacher training. For more information about cleaning and distancing specifics, visit: https://www.childrenshouse-de.org/summer-camp-2020-parent-page/