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Yoga this year will be on Mondays with Ms. Courtney Loughney,  owner of Petite Yogi! This is Ms. Courtney’s 4th year at Children’s House and she will share breathing techniques and poses through playful movements,
games and storytelling with our students. Classes have engaging and age appropriate themes that encourage children to participate. This introduction to yoga builds the foundation for a lifetime of compassion and self awareness.


Spanish this year will be on Tuesdays with Ms. Meg Campbell,  teaching here for her 13th year. Ms. Meg is a past CH parent and fluent in Spanish. She is excited to continue working with our students and staff to include Spanish activities in their classroom. See more Spanish updates here


Music this year will be on Fridays. Linda Bunting, a certified Makin’ Musicteacher, will continue teaching music for her 12th year at CH. Ms. Linda continues the music curriculum she has established with our CH students and will be adding innovative curriculum activities to the children’s experiences. See more music news here


Movement classes take on many shapes during the winter months at Children’s House. As little ones spend less time outside and the weather grows more harsh, we are excited to be offering Gymboree on the Go classes with Ms. Amber Money.

Children’s House Montessori School Extracurricular Activities offered by outside providers

Soccer will be offered during After School Care on Mondays through SoccerShots during the fall and spring months using our outdoor space.

Yoga will be offered during After School Care on Tuesdays through Le Petit Yogi.


STEM Computer classes will be offered through TechStars for Tots in After School Care on Wednesdays.

Tennis will be offered through MyServe, Inc. in After School Care on Thursdays.

Dance will be offered in After School Care on Fridays with our own trained dance instructor, Ms. Vicki Smith.