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Donuts with Dad!

Donuts with Dad!

Monday 2/24 : Ms. Sandy & Ms. Amanda’s Class 8-9am

Tuesday 2/25: Ms. Kim & Ms. Eden’s Class 8-9am

Wednesday 2/26: Ms. Warsha & Ms. Diana’s Class 8-9am

Thursday 2/27: Ms. Mimi & Ms. Lori’s Class 8-9am

Friday 2/28: Ms. Carol & Ms. Vicki’s Class 8-9am

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  • Jeannie McMullen

    A recommendation to change the name to “Donuts with Grown-ups” so those with less traditional families would not feel excluded due to gender.

    • Katie Leibel-Marin

      Thanks for the input, definitely something to consider, and I like that rhyme! 🙂


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