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Ms. Cathy Lopez-Cooling, Head of School

My Family: My husband Bud and I live in Pike Creek, and I also have a grown son Corey, married to Mel, and a grown daughter named Callie.

Education: Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Florida, Montessori Infant & Toddler trained at AERCO, Philadelphia, UD Administrator Certificate, field supervisor for MITE, and Montessori based Christian Education Program Director. I’ve been at Children’s House since 1990.

My Favorites:  Gardening, mountain biking, outdoors, nature, bird watching, kayaking and the peace education area of the classroom.

Ms. Katie Leibel-Marin, Business Director

My Family: My husband Mike, daughter Julia, son Charlie and our dog Lemon live in North Wilmington

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Communications & English from LaSalle University, as the only non-teacher in the school I come from a corporate background and continue to work with clients in the area including CHMS, where I started in 2013.

My Favorites: I enjoy Hiking (all nature!), Reading, and especially any quality time I can get with family and friends. I am also fascinated by the Montessori Method and the logical and thorough way children are able to learn big concepts like the alphabet.

Ms. Amanda Weaver, Assistant Head of School

My Family: My family and I are all born and raised in Wilmington, DE! My son Jackson and my daughter Hailey are CHMS Alumni and now attend Forwood Elementary, where I attended when I was their age.

Education: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Elementary Education from Wilmington University. I started at CHMS as soon as I finished my first student teaching position at Wilmington Montessori. It was there I fell in love with the Montessori environment and knew that a traditional classroom was not for me! That was in 2006!!! I now am in school at Delaware State University, completing my Master’s Degree in Social work focusing on Families Dynamics!

My Favorites: I enjoy being outdoors, LOVE the FALL SEASON, and I am almost always spending free time with family and friends outside of work.

My favorite part of the Montessori method is Maria Montessori’s guidance to follow the child and instilling the love of learning. Independent learners are proud of their achievements and strive to do more! Watching these children create their own path in the classroom over the years has truly made me believe that if you follow the child, they will surpass any goal you had initially.