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Ms. Linda’s Music Note – Welcome Fall!

Ms. Linda’s Music Note – Welcome Fall!

Here are updates of our two main themes for this Fall:

Carnival of the Animals

The children and I have listened to two more of the animals featured in “Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint-Saens.  During each class we have reviewed the musical segments heard in previous classes before listening to the next animal that Saint-Saens musically describes in this classical masterpiece!

So far we have heard:

  1.   The introduction
  2.  March of the Lions
  3.  Hens and Cockerals
  4.  Aquarium

I brought in three percussion instruments during the last class:  a marching drum, a castanet, and wave drum, which contains beads inside to mimic the waves of the ocean.  I asked the children which instrument they thought would sound best to accompany the different movements of the song. We decided that the marching drum would sound the best for the “March of the Lions”, the castanet for the “Hens and Cockerals”, and the wave drum for the “Aquarium”.


 The ABC’s of Music

We’ve been focusing on rhythm, the most basic and essential part of music.  Soon we will shift the spotlight to melody, then to harmony.  We’ve sung “ABC” from the Jackson Five, and many songs and chants that contain letters and numbers, while moving to the beat with my foamy letters and numbers.


I hope the children are enjoying our musical time together!

Take care,  Linda Bunting

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