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Makin’ Music with Ms. Linda

Makin’ Music with Ms. Linda

Hello Parents!


We’re still singing songs about the Fall, although I don’t plan on including anymore pumpkin songs or chants into my lessons!  I’ve been reinforcing the concepts that we’ve been working on this school year as well as choosing songs that coincide with the themes that the teachers have been teaching about that week.

Here’s what we did:

  • The Hello Song (highlighting musical expression):”The Farm Alarm”
  • Eggs Song:  “Let’s Keep the Rhythm”
  • Sticks Song:  “Alphabet Soup” (focusing on instruments from the string, brass, and percussion families): “Hop Old Squirrel”
  • Percussion Play-Along:  “Thank You” (Moana Soundtrack)
  • Parachute:  “How Far I’ll Go” (Moana Soundtrack)
  • Mystery Instrument: Brass instruments of the orchestra

It’s such a pleasure to be a musical part of things at Children’s House!


Take Care,

Linda Bunting

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