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Makin’ Music with Ms. Linda

Makin’ Music with Ms. Linda

Hello Parents!


This class was our spookiest class of all!  I was dressed in my Halloween costume (I was a Ghostbuster).  We weaved spookiness into every aspect of our class, then talked about what the changes we made to the songs we’ve been doing that made

Here’s what we did:

  • The Hello Song (highlighting musical expression): “The Deep, Dark Cave”
  • Five Little Pumpkins (rhythmic chant)
  • Eggs Song:  “Let’s Keep the Rhythm”
  • Sticks Song:  “Alphabet Soup” (focusing on instruments from the string, brass, and percussion families)
  • “Jumping in the Leaves” (action song with scarf dancing), then “Spooky Peek-a-boo”!
  • Percussion Play-Along:  The theme for “Ghostbusters”
  • Parachute:  “The Deep, Dark Cave”
  • Critical Listening:   A review of the first four movements and intro to “Carnival of the Animals”
  • Mystery Instrument: Stringed instruments of the orchestra

I think the “Ghostbusters” play along and scarf dancing was the highlight of this class for the children just like last week.  It was the most playful class we’ve had so far this school year!


Take Care,

Linda Bunting

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