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Makin’ Music with Ms. Linda

Makin’ Music with Ms. Linda

Hello Parents!


I hope your child has been enjoying our music classes as much as I have!  I put an emphasis on musical expression today which each song and activity we did. We are also getting closer to performing “The Farm Alarm” as a musical theater piece.

Here’s what we did:

  • The Hello Song (highlighting musical expression)
  • The Farm Alarm
  • Eggs Song:  “This Little Light of Mine”
  • Sticks Song:  “Alphabet Soup” (focusing on instruments from the string, brass, and percussion families)
  • “Jumping in the Leaves” (action song with scarf dancing)
  • Percussion Play-Along:  “Thriller” (Michael Jackson)
  • .Parachute:  3 Little Leaves (rhythmic chant)
  • Critical Listening:   The Fourth  Movement of “Carnival of the Animals” (Kangaroos)
  • Mystery Instruments:  Xylophone

The xylophone was a great instrument to use for our musical expression focus!  We figured out different parts to play that would mimic our animals movements and characteristics from the first 4 movements of “Carnival of the Animals”.


Take Care,

Linda Bunting

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