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Makin’ Music with Ms. Linda

Makin’ Music with Ms. Linda

Hello Parents!


Each class we take another step with the songs and activities we have been working on.  We played along to another Michael Jackson song.  It is great for me to have a featured artist that had hit songs as a boy (ABC from Jackson 5 has been our theme song) as well as an adult!  For our musical theory, I put some notes and rests out, and we tapped out the rhythm to our hello song.  Then when I put them on a staff we added the melody.

Here’s what we did today:

  • The Hello Song (notes vs. rests)
  • The Farm Alarm
  • Eggs Song:  “This Little Light of Mine”
  • Sticks Song:  “Alphabet Soup” (focusing on instruments from the string, brass, and percussion families)
  • “Jumping in the Leaves” (action song with scarf dancing)
  • Percussion Play-Along:  “Bad” (Michael Jackson)
  • Parachute:  3 Little Leaves (rhythmic chant)
  • Critical Listening:   The Third Movement of “Carnival of the Animals” (Aquarium)
  • Mystery Instruments:  Marching Drum, Castenet, and Wave Drum
  • ABC & 1,2,3 songs and chants by request with our foamy letters

When I put the mystery instruments out, I asked the children which instrument they thought would sound best to accompany each of the movements we had heard from “Carnival of the Animals”.  Most of us agreed on which instruments matched each movement the best!


Take Care,

Linda Bunting

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