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First Day Checklist

First Day Checklist

Please arrive for your first day of school with:

You can also bring these items to your classroom at the Open House on Friday, August 31st 9am-11am

___ All Forms Completed (mandatory prior to first day)

__ Emergency Contact Form (online portal)

__ Getting to Know You Form (online portal)

__ Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) – (link sent to you via email)

__ Permission to Administer Medication Form

__ Physical Form from your Doctor


___ Change of Clothing, including socks & underwear, labelled in a ziplock bag


___  Indoor Shoes *Does not apply to toddlers (a comfortable pair of shoes/slippers to be worn only in the classroom)


___ Diapers/Pull-Ups & Wipes if needed


___ Lunch (full-day students only)


___ Nap Mat/Blanket (full-day students only) * Does not apply to Enrichment students


___ School Supplies (find this list on our homepage)


Please have all your child’s belongings clearly labeled with their name

Everyone needs an extra change of clothes including underwear. Friends who are working on their potty skills should have more than one change of clothing

If you are going to be joining us past 12:00pm, please bring a LUNCH! Snacks are provided. Lunches are refrigerated and warmed up in the microwave if needed.

Nap Mat: If you are in our Toddler or 3 & 4 year olds group, there will be a nap time. Older friends are afforded the opportunity to rest quietly for 30 minutes but aren’t expected to nap. If possible, our teachers request that this be a onepiece item. If you would like to purchase a nap mat for $20, we have several available in the office.

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