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Children’s House Music

Children’s House Music

Dear Parents,

I have selected a few themes for our Fall music classes that I’m really excited about!

I’m calling them:  “The ABC’s of Music”, “A Carnival of Animals”, and “The Farm Alarm”.  We will also have a featured musician of the day, and composer of the month.

Some ABC’s (Do-Re-Mi’s!) of music are rhythm, melody, and harmony.  ABC’s of music theory are notes, rests, symbols and scales, and those of musical expression are tone, timbre, tempo, and dynamics.  We sang songs/chants  that have letters and numbers in them to kick off this theme.  ABC by the Jackson 5 was my favorite!

“Carnival of the Animals” is a classical masterpiece by Camille Saint-Saens. Before listening to the intro and the first movement (the lion), we sang a song called, “El Mishito” which has three different animals in it, then talked about how we changed the music so it best ‘fit’ the animal we were singing about.  Then the children guessed which animal Saint-Saens was ‘musically describing’.  I am pleased to report that all classes suggested big animals that had snapping jaws and/or roared!

“The Farm Alarm” is a song that works well as a musical theater piece.  It is about a rooster who over sleeps and the trouble that ensues down on Johnson’s Farm.  After singing it for a few weeks we will begin to add the musical theater component!

The first featured musician I chose was Michael Jackson.  After dancing to ABC by the Jackson 5, the younger groups and I kept the beat on our percussion instruments to ‘Beat It’!

Camille Saint-Saens is our first ‘Composer of the Month’. We will probably be focusing on him through October as well as we examine his “Carnival of the Animals” each week – adding the next animal and reviewing those from previous classes.

I think this will be a wonderful school year.  It has gotten off to a terrific start!

Take care,  Linda Bunting

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  • Julia

    Thanks for everything you do! My daughters love music because of you!


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